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Dear Friends:

The title of this post should bring a smile to the wrinkled face of every Egyptologist or student of secret societies. Throughout the world, and principally in the United States, we are experiencing a radical shakeup in the Citizenry's faith and trust in the Government, and its duly-chartered and licensed institutions.
The scenario is disillusioning enough to bring even some of the most narcoleptic proponents of begrudging apathy to a state of alarm, consternation and re-evaluation. When you wake up to discover that your paradise is actually a prison, and that your protectors are truly your captors, the psychological ramifications are frightening.

The administration in power in The United States, accompanied by a dwindling number of disenheartened allies, is fighting an endless "war" against terrorism, which has greatly increased instability in the Middle east; alienated many western allies and trading partners; put the country into massive debt, much of which is held by other nations (e.g., as creditors); caused a precipitous decline in the value of the U.S. Dollar and massive inflation, principally driven by unprecedented oil-price increases and resultant cost-push increases in all transportation-dependent services and products; precipitated steepening unemployment and declining output (largely due to outsourcing, offshoring and a decline in domestic initiative and entrepreneurship), and the virtual elimination of the "checks and balances" prescribed by the U.S. Constitution (as well as the concept of "due process under the law," which no court has the testicular fortitude to opine upon, let alone rule upon), which is largely disregarded by the occupants of the White House for cited reasons of "executive privilege," "secrecy in the interests of National Security," and "special wartime powers," none of which are apparently subject to any domestic or international laws or codes of justice, ethics, honor or even tradition... and ---

  1. The fall of many big-name investment banking firms and commercial banks due to their overextension of readily-available credit, their propensity to gamble for short-term gain, a lack of impartial oversight and accountability, and an incredible failure to prudently diversify investments and avoid large concentrations in any one customer or investment product -- this is Finance 101...Mr. Lehmann is crying out from the grave. As for Keynes, he stopped talking long ago (as some dead people tend to do);

  2. Growing concerns about climatic change (whether real or imagined), and its ramifications;

  3. Shocking declines in the quality of life, availability of affordable healthcare (and medical insurance), and fitness of the population (I could point to the obesity statistics);

  4. Radically changing demographics, and the non-integration and assimilation of most newer immigrants into what used to be "mainsteam American culture." There is an increase in the Tower Of Babel Effect -- the formation of cultural enclaves, barrios, ghettos and other inwardly-oriented protective cultural preservation configurations. We are not a melting pot...we are a camprground for disparate groups who are more co-inhabitants than neighbors. While this effect seems most pronounced in the United States, it is proliferating throughout Europe, as well.

There is a great deal of apocalyptic writing, speaking and thinking. Read the most recent novels by Stephen King, Dean Koontz and others. The motion picture industry is turning out more films about the end of the world than ever before. It is a popular theme, but the crowds do not leave the theatres smiling. The population is squaring off, albeit meekly and slowly, against the government and large institutions. "Big government" and "big business" are being demonized.

During these next five years, watch for the following trends and tendencies, bearing in mind that preparation can be the difference between being hit by a car or getting a lift in one:
  1. Acceleration in the proliferation of ecommerce, and a reduction in the prevalence of paper media. As security measures improve on e-commerce websites, and as transportation becomes increasingly expensive, a greater percentage of the world's population will conduct a greater percentage of their purchases online;
  2. Personal service, and even telephonic helpdesk services will become increasingly scarce, minimizing the interpersonal contact between consumers and service providers. The availability and quality of all services will continue to decline. Those exceptional sellers and providers of services to the wealthiest minority of consumers will provide interpersonal service, but only at a tremendous price premium;
  3. Wires will rapidly begin to disappear as all communications equipment becomes wireless. Newer homes will be built with fewer electric outlets;
  4. In several of the G-8 Nations (including the United States), paper currency and coin will vanish, as all payment and transfers will be done by institutional wire or by credit or debit card. Taxes will be estimated and extracted directly by governments from bank accounts, and the burden will be entirely on the individual to contest and disprove the government's "tax estimates" -- this process will be as discouraging as it is difficult;
  5. Most of the United States' wealthiest and brightest individuals will live abroad as expatriates, or will apply for alternative citizenship;
  6. Fossil fuels will give way to nuclear energy, most likely provided by thorium-based reactors, the first of which will be built in the G-8 nations within the next three years;
  7. Executives will opt for private jet charter or lease services as commercial airlines in the G-8 nations continue to decline in their ability to service demand;
  8. In the United States, immigrants (both legal and illegal) who are not fluent in English will outnumber English-speaking residents and citizens;
  9. Communication media will be more efficient than ever before, but the willingness to take maximum advantage by speaking the same language will continue to steeply decline;
  10. There will be a virtual elimination of the middle class throughout virtually every industrialized nation. The bluebloods will continue onward in indifference, some entrepreneurs and professionals will remain at the lower strata of the wealthy class, but the balance of the populace (probably more than 75% by census) will be desperately struggling to survive.

Students of history, as well as some uniquely visionary thinkers will see that we are approaching the end of an era. This invariably means confusion, violence, rampant distrust, re-grouping (as in medieval fiefdoms), and survival of only the extremely wealthy or the very, very enterprising.

If you are reading this (which you are), devise your plans based upon the assumption that you have between three to five years at maximum to become very rich or very clever. I would recommend both. And while you are in the process of building these fiscal and intellectual munitions, try to maintain a low profile so you don't get sidetracked by government investigations or an indeterminate prison sentence. Any actions taken in disagreement with the persons in power are not protected by either civil rights, constitutionally protected rights, or human rights.


Douglas Castle

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